Memphis Zoo

What a FUN Project!  We built custom concrete walls and the adjoining obelisks that frame up the entrance to the Memphis Zoo Dinosaur Exhibit. The dinosaur bones are created in a Bas Relief style that allows people to actually feel the bones as if they are at a dinosaur excavation site! The faux painting on the concrete gives it the aged look. We built this entire wall within a five week time frame. Take a minute to check out the video of the process below!

Can you say Porkosaurus??

This “ginormous” sculpture of a pig is meant to be outside soaking up the Memphis BBQ sun!  Used every year at the Memphis In May International BBQ festival, this is the MOST photographed image from the BBQ fest year after year. From the snout of the pig, blows “smoke” as people pass by! It is a great way to engage with the crowd and a real show piece.  And the BBQ is A-Mazing!

A best place to be… 

A peaceful spot, a place to read, a place to share, a place to take a deep breathe and relax. We build this large concrete tree sculpture that kids can go inside for special reading times with teachers, special talks with counselors. This tree with the smooth surface seating, and the dimmable lights is a beautiful spot that the teachers line up to share with their students. 

Coin Drop




This is coin drop, located in the LeBonhuer Children’s Hospital of Memphis, was formerly just a simple bowl with a little sign on the wall behind it. Now it has been transformed into a beautiful art piece with a waterfall behind the table of rocks encased in epoxy. The coin drop looks like an aged piece of driftwood. Kids love to sit on the rocks and race their coins to see who wins! 

We call that a “win-win” idea!

Oversized Die

This was a prototype die for a casino project. The large dice were possible cube end tables for the lobby of a casino. 

There’s a boot in the billboard!

This oversized boot was placed in a billboard for Bally’s casino. Way to kick advertising into high gear!