What we do

We design and create art pieces that complement and showcase your company, your school, your home or your business. We enjoy making life more “en-JOY-able”!

Murals »

Creating custom works of art to enhance each individual space. Museums and more…

Custom Signage »

Signs speak. They tell your customer who you are. Handpainted signs lend an air of authenticity, uniqueness, and integrity.

Sculptures »

Specializing in sculptures that are eye-catching, impressive and often interactive. We love a challenge!

Fine Art »

Whether it is creating art that is relaxing, or representative of your story, all of our custom art pieces are as special as you are! 

Grass Paintings »

Painting large grass paintings are just that! Painting on the grass to showcase special events, these paints do not harm the grass; but provide an instant and grand art piece.

Corporate »

This is all about branding! We design and install the branding that let’s the world know your vision! What better way to show your vision than through art & unique designs?