Branding ~
Custom Signage

University of Memphis

This is the bridge that leads to the University of Memphis stadium. Through a special collaboration with the city and the University, we were allowed to brand and paint a neglected bridge with an exciting statement letting fans and the team know whose city they are in!


Creating a captivating advertisement and adding charm and art to an area of the city where graffiti is often seen. Did you know that murals are a great deterrent to graffiti? 

Making use of the space to brand!

Adding charm, and letting your personality shine through. This little place is located inside of a casino. Painting on unusual surfaces is one of our strengths!

Aged to perfection!

Creating an aged look, authentic and honest. Using paint to make a place look like it has been there for a hundred years… these types of branding are unique to the painting application. 

st. jude

Painting of the St. Jude statements inside a beautiful glass entrance dome. St. Jude is an amazing place! 

simply stated

Using this space that was previously a blank slate metal building to create branding, we energized this otherwised unused advertising space and created a simple and stately piece. Painting on corrugated metal is an art that is time consuming, but makes a statement!

A place of learning!

The focus of this business is re-building families and creating peace and harmony where it is needed. We fell in love with the work they are doing here. We created a word puzzle of all the descriptions of their work. What a wonderful work they are doing! 

Pepsi-Cola, Beale Street

Taking an older Pepsi-Cola design and recreating it for large scale advertisement.

Areas that are hard to reach are not out of our reach! 

Branding that stands out!

Talk about letting passers-by know who you are!  We painted the entire face and the adjacent wall with the logos and name of this Crosstown Brewing company. On corrugated metal, this paint piece was a lot of work, but well worth it. It really pops!