Wonders of WILDLIFE

Entrance into the Wonders of Wildlife Museum of Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro. Painting this mural at the entrance was only enhanced by the opportunity to paint among some of the premier wildlife artists in the world. 

Bass Pro, Rocklin, CA

Painting for the Bass Pro shops provided an opportunity to research the areas each store was located in. 

Bass Pro 

Each Bass Pro store highlighted the flora and fauna that was naturally found in the area. Each team of artists shared in the research of the local animal life and created vignettes to showcase the store selections. 

What we see

Lester Community Center is located in the Binghampton community in Memphis, TN.  This area of the city is home to one of the original African American neighborhoods in the South. We wanted to portray the sense of community, of lifting each other up and of the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Collierville Historic district

 In collaboration with several entities within the Collierville community, we designed a mural that told the story of a town that is home to some of the most kind and gentle people. 

vesta home mural

The Vesta Home Show is an annual “best of the best” home builders events where all the best builders compete for the awards. This home won “best of show” and we enjoyed being a part of the team!

Kate Bond Middle 

Three wall mural that shows the amazing things that can happen when you open a book! From the girl blowing a wish out her window, to the books who all hold titles that have meaning to the school, showing the wonders of the world and finally opening up the doorway to new adventures! This mural was a lot of fun as we were able to include several of our friends children, and even one of our own! Each piece in the mural has a special story of it’s own!

snap On Tools

The Brainerd Minneapolis Raceway let us transform their restrooms into a giant Snap-On Tools tool box. Complete with door handles crafted from huge wenches! This fun project brought life to an otherwise dull concrete block building, while giving Snap-On an advertising space! Win Win!

Nascar themed boys room

This was a model home designed for Faxon Gillis Custom home builders. The Nascar Mural was created from photos we took from the Bristol Sharpie 500. We revised some of the cars to have names of sponsors for the custom build. This has been a favorite and has been saved to hundreds of Pinterest pages.

Colonial middle school

This Middle School located in the heart of Memphis, TN is well known for it’s high standards in Arts, Performance and Theatre. When we were chosen to create the art for the school, we created this mural design from a variety of Memphis landmarks. The Orpheum, The Historic downtown Post Office, and other areas are in a collage that creates this space. Everything in the mural is paint, with the exception of the two vents & lights; which are incorporated seamlessly into the mural.

Arlington tigers

This mural is in Arlington Elementary School located in Arlington, TN.
The Tiger represented in the mural is our very own Memphis Zoo Tiger. The Tiger stands at  30′ tall.